C)  Moisture Protection Solutions

  • Sorbo Pouch-Silica Gel pouches
  • Dew Pouch-Activated Desiccant Packs
  • Humidity Indicator Cards
  • Pura Fresh-Food Fresh Products
  • Protec-It-bags for moisture sensitive powders
  • Mos-Trap- Transformer Breathers
B)   Adsorbents and Desiccants


Silica gel is one of the oldest and most popular
desiccant and adsorbent used for a wide number of
industrial and consumer applications.

The surface and properties of silica gel can be
modified to make it suitable for different process
conditions and varying humidity operation

Indicating type silica gel changes colour from blue,
orange, yellow to different colours on getting
exhausted and non-indicating type remains white.
Granules and beads, both are available.

Grades and Applications

Sorbogel A: drying of process instrument air in
chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical and automotive
engineering plants. Air dyers, transformer breathers,
catalyst carrier, PSA applications etc.

Sorbogel B: high humidity applications, liquid
adsorption, fragrance and catalyst carrier, cat litter
production etc.

Sorbogel C: is a specially formulated very large pore
silica gel made for special air separation and
adsorption applications. This can be further modified
to make cat litter.

Sorbogel can be used for both static and dynamic
applications. Please let us know your application so
that we can advise further.

Insulating glass desiccant.

Packing: 25kg Bags, 50 Kg. Drums, 170 Kg. Drums.


Actal is a versatile Aluminum Oxide based
adsorbent which finds uses in drying of a
number of gases and liquids.

Manufactured under stringent quality control
and rolled on latest machines, it has high
adsorption capacity and crushing strength,
which provides low pressure drop in the tower
and efficient removal of vapour.

Packing: 50 kg. Drums, 170 Kg. Drums , 800
kg. jumbo bags.

Industrial Applications

  • Pressure swing adsorption and other
    packaged dryers.
  • Instrument and low pressure air-drying.
  • Scavenging of HF, BF3 from alkylation
    feed stock.
  • Reconditioning of mineral oils like
    transformer or insulating oils.
  • Water defluoridization.
  • Removal of oil vapor mist from
    compressed air.
  • Dehumidification in food and
    pharmaceutical industries.
  • Drying of organic liquids to a moisture
    level of 10 ppm or below.
  • Drying of practically all inorganic gases
    such as Air, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide,
    Chlorine etc. and organics use
    acetylene, ethane, Ethylene, Freon, etc.
  • Drying of various liquids such as
    Benzene, Carbon, Tetrachloride,
    Chlorobenzene, Ethyl Acetate,
    Transformer oil, Vegetable oils etc.

Activated alumina is for use in both heated
desiccant air dryers and heatless / pressure
swing compressed air dryers. Dew points of
-100° F can be achieved depending on dryer
design and operating conditions.
3-5 bead alumina is the size most frequently
used in regenerative dryers

5-8 bead alumina are used as a pre-bed
material to support large desiccant beds and
as a pre buffer for silica gel beds in desiccant
air dryers.
Packing: 170 kg. MS Drums, 800 kg. Jumbo


Molecular sieves are crystalline metal
aluminosilicates having a
threedimensional interconnecting network
of silica and alumina tetrahedra. Natural
water of hydration is removed from this
network by heating to
produce uniform cavities which selectively
adsorb molecules of a specific size.

A 4 to 8-mesh sieve is normally used in
gasphase applications, while the 8 to
12-mesh type is common in liquidphase
applications. The powder forms of the 3A,
4A, 5A and 13X sieves are suitable for
specialized applications.


Gas absorbents are high affinity and
porosity products used to remove acidic
gases like carbon di oxide, sulphur di
oxide etc. from process plants and
municipal areas.

Gas Absorbents are used for removal of
CO2 gas from anesthesia breathing
circuits, in miner’s mask and in diving

It has one of the highest porosity of the
available absorbents in the world.

Available in the form of 2-5 mm pallets, it
offers low pressure drop and has
absorption capacities as high as 140 lts.
/kg. of CO2.

Indicating and non-indicating type grades
are available.


Industrial: 170 kg. Steel Drums; Jumbo

Consumer: 1.5-2.0 kg. packets / 4.5-5 kg.
Jars/ 16-17 kg. Kegs

A)  Silica/Alumina Binders and Coating Agents

  • Colloidal Silica
  • Investment casting slurry systems
  • Nano Silica Binders
  • Alumina sols
  • Acid Resistant Mortars
  • Sodium Silicates
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