A)   Silica/Alumina Binders and Coating Agents
                                     COLLOIDAL SILICA

Colloidal silica is a nano metric particle size solution of silica particles in water or other
mediums. It finds uses in diverse applications which can be briefed as follows:

  • Ceramic slurry binder for making investment casting shells
  • Grain binder in refractory( refractory monolithic, gunning and ramming masses,
    LCC, ULCC , high temperature refractory  and ceramic products like vacuum
    formed fiber shapes, high temperature ceramics , insulation wools , fabrication
    of artificial dentures etc.
  • As a retention and de-watering aid in paper processing
  • For surface sizing and anti-slip treatment of natural fibers, textiles
  • Surface anti-static treatment of polyester films
  • Packaging (Paper Bags) & Cardboard (Box) Paper Coating for Anti-Skid & Anti-
    Soiling properties, etc.
  • Polyester Films / Fibers for Anti-Block & Anti-Slip & Abrasion Resistance etc.
  • Coating material for CRGO Electrical Steel Sheets.
  • Textile Auxiliary Formulations for spinning & sizing (dimensional stability and
    anti-skid properties), finishing etc.
  • Additive for Floor Wash, for Anti-skid & Anti-soiling properties
  • Silicon Wafers for Polishing purpose.
  • Waterborne Inorganic Paints / Coatings. Cement Paints / Sealants.
  • Construction additives for water proofing/ improving longevity of concrete
    structures, nano pore coverage in dams, tunnels, buildings etc.

Packing: 250 kg HDPE Barrels, IBC Tanks, ISO Bulk Tanker.

Special investment casting slurry systems which give
the best throughput, efficiency and returns for any
investment casting foundry.

The systems include:

  1. Colloidal Silica based binders to make
    investment casting slurries
  2. Graded silica/alumina refractory for prime and
    back up coats and stucco
  3. Modified anti-foam and wetting agents

We offer complete assistance in shifting a foundry
from conventional colloidal silica based system to the
modified system and help our customers improve
casting processes by reducing rejections, improving
production rate and minimizing waste.

These refer to series of modified silica and pure alumina
sols for special applications where normal silica sols are not
suitable. The products include alumina modified sols,
cationic sols, modified nano sols for investment casting
operations etc. Pure alumina sols are also available.
           ALUMINA SOLS

Alumina sols are colloidal aqueous alumina with many
applications for fiber glass, catalysts, fabrics, textiles
and manufactured fibers. These products are new
generation sols that  add anti-static properties, heat
resistance, bonding strength, film forming capacity and
adhesion to the substrates they are applied to.

They are becoming more and more popular due to their
versatile nature.


Alucol has a wide variety of industrial applications such
  • Binding of inorganic textiles
  • Anti-static treatment of fabrics and threads
  • May be used as a binder in the manufacture of
    alumina catalyst carrier
  • Binding of ceramic bodies
Packing: 250 kg. HDPE Barrels, IBCs and Bulk Tankers

Sodium Silicate is a very common commodity chemical used in wide areas of
applications like paper, foundry, detergents , zeolites, catalysts , and for
making many silica based chemicals.

Grades: All grades of Neutral and alkaline are manufactured by us.

Packing: 250 kg HDPE Barrels, IBC Tanks, ISO Bulk Tanker.
                       ACID RESISTANT MORTARS

A two component based Acid Resistant Cement consists of a Silicate base
binder and Mineral base powder filler.

  • It used in jointing of acid proof tiles and bricks and in lining of
    furnaces and chimneys.

Packing: Liquid binder is packed in 250 kg.HDPE Barrels. Powder filler in
25/50kg. H.D.P.E. bags.

C)  Moisture Protection Solutions

  • Sorbo Pouch-Silica Gel pouches
  • Dew Pouch-Activated Desiccant Packs
  • Humidity Indicator Cards
  • Pura Fresh-Food Fresh Products
  • Protec-It-bags for moisture sensitive powders
  • Mos-Trap- Transformer Breathers

B)  Adsorbents & Desiccants

  • Silica Gel-Sorbogel
  • Activated Alumina-Actal
  • Molecular Sieves-MolCat
  • Gas Absorbents-Carbex
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