Linustrade Pte Ltd, Singapore is a "young" and dynamic operation. We have forged strategic ties with several companies encompassing a wide
    spectrum of activities. Each one of these strategic alliance with our business partners is a testament to our desire to source and distribute the best
    products at most cost effective propositions. Our objective is to stretch our reach in International Trade over a wide spectrum of quality products.

    With over forty years in Industry and International Trade, the technocrat promoters of Linustrade Pte Ltd have the required confidence and abilities
    to meet the competitive demands of the day and much beyond. We will provide you with professional, efficient and reliable global sourcing, vending
    and networking.

    With our strong network and presence in India, we can leverage in a manner that can provide tremendous low cost out sourcing options for your
    operations and take away the risks, frustrations, expenses and bureaucratic bottlenecks associated with exploring a new market.

    Safepack Industries, India- World Class Protective Packaging- Products and

    A reputed name in the field of packaging, Safepack belongs to over 100 year old, fast growing,
    27 million US$ Speciality Packaging group.

    Safepack has consistently introduced innovative packaging solutions to satisfy even the most
    demanding and quality conscious customers.  

    Safepack serves a broad spectrum of Industries mainly Metals, Automotive, Engineering,
    Electricals, Electronics, Defense, Pharma, Food, Textiles etc.more...
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  • Silica/Alumina Binders and Coating Agents
  • Adsorbents & Desiccants
  • Moisture Protection Solutions

-Bee Chems has been serving to the needs of Silica and Alumina chemicals since 1972
-Producers of maximum variety of Desiccants in the World
-First Indian Company to Manufacture Colloidal silica
-Manufactures Maximum grades of Nano Silica Products
-First Indian Company to Manufacture Activated Desiccants
UMA Paper & Allied Industries
  • Bitumen & Kraft paper based, Fiber Reinforced as well as
    non Reinforced water-proof paper for protective wrapping
    of sensitive cargo
Packaging Products at a Glance
VCI & Vacuum Packing
Desiccants & Adsorbents
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     Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc. USA
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